Every year the national chains make a new “great” one size fits all offer that may or may not (usually not from what we’ve seen) mean a cheaper service. It is our practice to treat each client’s needs individually to take advantage of every tax relief available to them personally. We are a small family-owned business and would rather be affordable and service-oriented than expensive and volume-oriented. It is our hope that you allow us at Northwest Tax to serve your tax and financial needs.

We have changed to remote service and are no longer at 145 Revere Ave. We will cover the costs of USPS Priority mail and offer online access to continue serving our clients. Our permanent mailing address is: Northwest Tax, 12494 N C.R. 3400, Stratford, OK 74872. Our telephone number remains the same. We highly recommend using our secure portal for fast communication and securely uploading documents. Follow the link on our portal page here to get started.

Staff Profiles

Jack Pound, Owner

Jack has strived to provide honest, efficient, affordable and friendly service to his clients. His education, training and experience include 11 years working for the IRS in Oklahoma and Oregon. This unique experience with the IRS has helped him better understand how the IRS operates in order to give sound tax counsel to his clients. Because Jack and his wife home educated their children, they incorporated actual hands-on training in bookkeeping and other skills by working alongside their dad. Over the years his children, Bryan (who now owns his own tax practice in Oklahoma), Rebecca, Rachel, Jonathan and Melinda as well as his wife, Linda, have all been able to work in the office or from the home serving our clients. Jack’s desire to help his clients by doing his best for them, coupled with his family’s help over the years has grown this business into the amazing group of clients it is today. It has truly been an honor for Jack Pound and his family to be able to serve the Bend community and their clients throughout the nation for these many years. As we transition to a fully remote office and have closed our Bend location, it is Jack’s hope to continue to provide the same level of service remotely.

As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, Jack has been able to represent his clients before the IRS to help resolve their tax problems. Every year Jack takes extensive continued education training on tax law so he can have the latest information for the next tax season and how taxes are going to affect you personally and your business.
At Northwest Tax we are continually improving our technology to improve our efficiency to provide prompt service and to make the process easier for our clients. We now offer a client portal where clients will be able to access the latest organizer, or a copy of their last years return as well as upload relevant documents. We hope this will not only help our current clients but will allow us to provide quality tax service to people in other areas as well.

Rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man.” Eph 6:7

Jonathan Pound, Tax Preparer

Jonathan had been working for Northwest Tax remotely from Oklahoma for many years as well as at the office in Bend at times. With the Bend office closed, Jonathan will be providing remote service support to make sure clients can easily send and receive the information as well as prepare returns. Jonathan is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and has worked with his dad for many years and gained valuable experience from Jack that has aided him in his own professional career. He is looking forward to serving clients as we try to make the transition to a fully remote office as smooth as possible.